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Custom Decorative Wood Floors-Custom Decorative Wood Floor Accents, Custom Decorative Wood Floor Borders , Hardwood Floor Inlays, Wood Floor Medallions

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Wooden interior design trends

Wood is one of the big design trends in 2014, not only for solid, sturdy furniture, but also for floors. Hardwood flooring is very hardwearing, easy to maintain and clean, allergy-friendly and sustainable. In addition, it looks great, with a warm, living quality absent in other types of flooring; it also complements pretty much every style of decor.

Wood is a living material, a natural and sustainable product, especially if you choose FSC-certified wood that has been checked by independent sources for its commitment to sustainable forestry.

When it comes to hardwood flooring no two types are the same. Each species of tree produces a wood with different qualities and aesthetics. Even within the same type of tree no two wood grains are ever identical and there will be a degree of variation. Are you looking for wide, long planks, like the deck of a ship or a chevron or herringbone pattern? Do you prefer a clean pine or white oak finish or the darker, more expensive tones of maple, walnut or even hickory? Are you going for a clean, oiled look or a darker, stained or varnished effect?

How much grain do you want? Hardwoods, such as oak and especially southern red oak, have pronounced grain patterns that make every floor unique.

Trending in 2014

Unusual, exotic woods are certainly hot in 2014. South American hardwoods add a rich color and depth to a room; for example, Brazilian cherry and are a great talking point.

Wide planks and rustic grades are increasing in popularity, as they accentuate the natural qualities of hardwood and keep the focus on the environment and sustainable, reclaimed materials.

Colors, especially dark ones, are in this year. Dark floors look very expensive and will certainly elevate your home's status. Think dark hardwoods such as American Black Walnut and European Oak, stained in tones of deep mocha or a black hardwood floor for a sophisticated and modern look. Possibly the most unusual design trend in wood interiors in 2014, however, is the popularity of grey plank flooring, preferably in extra-wide, extra-long planks.

For the chic, traditional look, chevron and herringbone flooring has never quite gone out of fashion. The chevron pattern is a timeless classic and looks especially striking in walnut.

Other trends this year include the 'aged' look, a traditional floor that shows its vintage, scuff marks and all. Wood will never go out of date and reclaimed pinewood is the choice for the environmentally conscious homeowner. Engineered hardwoods, such as laminates and even bamboo are also popular and inexpensive options.

Why stop there?

Nothing looks better than a white wall with a wood floor and this clean, classic expression can be used in any room. Complement your hardwood flooring with wooden furnishings; sturdy tables in solid oak, rustic benches and wooden countertops that will keep going for years if oiled regularly. You could even use wooden planking on the walls.

Don't forget about the outside of the house, either. Teak window frames and doors are super hardwearing and to complete your rustic, country look, wood shutters can transform your home and add an extra depth.

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Distinctive Flooring inlays, medallions, and borders distinguish your floor from all others. Premium, hand-selected wood from "Mother Nature's Color Chart" provides for countless options among standard and custom designs. Leading edge technology, state of the art equipment and our seasoned craftspeople converge with design to bring to your project an elegance unlike any other. It is our pleasure to stand behind this unique combination with a hundred year warranty on all 3/4" products.

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